For Those Suffering From Allergies

It seems as if allergy season started a little earlier this year and many of us are suffering from itchy eyes, clogged nasal passages and a lot of sneezing. We decided to give you a few natural remedies to help you deal with your allergy discomfort, not to mention the smudged mascara!

Drink Fluids – When suffering from allergies it always helps to increase your intake of fluids and we recommend drinking plenty of water. This serves to thin out and loosen any mucus that naturally builds up. Make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand as you’ll need them. Although this is not a cure-all, you will definitely breathe easier and feel more comfortable.

Use A Neti Pot – This may seem like an odd suggestion, but using a Neti Pot will naturally remove any excess mucus, dust, pollen and any other irritants from your nasal and sinus passages. All you will be doing is running a little saline solution through your nostrils. This actually brings relief immediately, rather than being preventative. You can buy a Neti Pot at your local pharmacy, or online through or Amazon.

Keep Your Home Clean – You can accuse us of bias, but the truth is that having a clean home does help the inhabitants stay healthy. Dust and pollen tends to accumulate on clothing and shoes and when you come inside you’re bringing it all with you. This makes your home a host for allergens. If you dust, vacuum and mop on a regular basis, this will help a great deal.

Extra Honey – This may not be the most scientific home remedy, but if your mom was like mine you were told that your local honey would contain pollen unique to your area. This means that by consuming it, you are giving yourself an all-natural allergy shot. It’s certainly worth a try, so if you have toast in the morning, spread some extra honey on it. You can also pour honey into your tea as a natural sweetener and allergy remedy all in one.

Although these suggestions seem quite basic, you will find that by taking our advice your allergy symptoms should improve. We will be posting a more comprehensive list of natural remedies for allergy relief in the future, so watch for it.